We’re smack dab in the middle of mindless summer heat and the perfect weather to wear sandals- unless, of course, you prefer to roast your feet all day wearing shoes. If you don’t want to show the world your dirty feet, a pedicure is a must. Pedicures at a credible salon don’t come cheap. And we’ve read too many horror stories about pedicures gone wrong at dodgy(aka unhygienic) salons. Luckily giving your feet a spa-worthy spa is easy. All you need is some time, and a few tools to help:

Pumice Stone:

A pumice stone is hardened volcanic rock used to remove dry and dead skin cells from the feet- a must if you have rough feet. Before you use the pumice, dip your feet in warm soapy water for around 5 to 10 minutes. And remember to dip the pumice as well. With light circular motions remove dead skins around the heel. Do not use it if your feet feel sensitive or sore, and don’t ever share your pumice stone- they’re full of dead skin!

Foot File:

Buy dual foot files- ones that come with a course end (to remove hard skin) and fine end (for polishing the skin). File in one direction always and remember to use it gently. And yes, you shouldn’t share these either.

Foot Rest:

A-Leg-Up is a perfect foot rest if you are pregnant, arthritic, or unable to bend. It is simple to use. Slip the long end of the foot stool inside a sofa or mattress and rest your feet on the other end of the tool. Use it when filing/painting your nails, or when scrubbing dead skin off your feat. A-Leg–Up is a multipurpose tool. You can also use it as a long shoe horn to slip in shoes without bending.

Nail Clipper:

Use straight edged nail clippers that don’t cut too deep. This way, you won’t have ingrown nails to worry about.

Cuticle Pushers:

Cuticle pushers do just that! Yes, they push cuticles, i.e. they push cuticles from the skin and away from your nails. Use a metal pusher if the cuticles are hard, and a soft wood pusher, if the cuticles are soft.
Doing your pedicure at home is fun, a lot more hygienic, and save you tons of money. Happy pedicuring!