What’s the most difficult thing to do when you’re pregnant? A seemingly simple job of putting on shoes or socks is probably the ultimate challenge. It’s the same for someone with Arthritis. Simple chores like clipping toenails or putting on shoes can leave you weak on the knees and even dizzy. Here’s how different tools make it easy for you to put on your shoes.

  • Use a long shoehorn if you have difficulty bending down:

It’s difficult to lift something that’s low or on the ground, or bend down to put on shoes, when you have arthritis. Use A-Leg-Up as a long shoe horn if you have trouble bending down. Hold the flat end of the tool and place the other end in the kneel area of the shoe. Slip you feet in and remove the shoehorn when the foot is fully in the shoe.

  • Use A-Leg-Up to clip or paint your toenails:

You don’t have to bend, or worry about spilling nail polish on the bedding when applying nail polish. Don’t sit on the floor to trim your toenails. Slip the handle under a mattress or sofa cushion, place your feet on the flat end. You can now paint your nails or trim them without hurting your back, or soiling the furniture.

  • Use a-leg-up as a shoe horn to protect your shoes:

The shoe horn is designed to help you slip your shoes without damaging the shoe counter. Using a shoe horn ensures that you don’t have to stretch the shoes, or crush the counter. If you’ve spent hundreds of dollars buying good quality shoes, it only makes sense to invest a few dollars buying A-Leg-Up.

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