Back pain can range from mildly irritating to debilitating.  It can be painful enough to prevent walking, bending, or carry on other everyday activities. When it becomes excruciatingly painful to bend, we suggest that you use A-Leg-Up. This is a special foot stool designed to prevent you from bending. Here’s how A-Leg-Up helps when the doctor has asked you not to bend:

  • You don’t have to bend down to pick things up when pregnant:

Contrary to what people generally believe, bending does not harm the baby. The unborn child floats in the amniotic fluid that allows it move around the womb comfortably. The baby adjusts itself when you change positions. That being said, bending is certainly not easy during pregnancy, especially as you approach the third trimester. Bending may also put you at risk of tripping, or aggravate heartburn. Rather than bend down to paint toe nails and put on shoes, we suggest that you use A–Leg-Up.

  • Don’t bend down if you have arthritis of the knee:

Arthritic pain becomes worse when patients bend down. A task as simple as putting on shoes or typing up the shoe lace becomes difficult. If you have trouble bending down, we suggest that you use A–Leg-Up. Slip the long end of the foot rest inside the sofa and place your foot on the flat end of the tool. Use this is a leg rest to tie your shoe lace, and to use this as a long shoe horn, place the long end of the tool in the kneel area and slip your feet inside. When the feet are firmly placed inside the shoe, remove the shoe horn.

  • Don’t bend if you have a herniated disc:

Up to 85 % of people in the United States suffer from a herniated disc and complain of lower back pain. The problem starts when the discs between the spinal bones tear and pressed on a nerve. The doctor may prescribe medications to ease the pain, and advise you to refrain from bending to pick up objects. If you’ve been advised not to bend, A–Leg-Up is the perfect tool to help. Use it to tie shoe laces, or wear shoes. Use it is a foot rest so that your knees are higher than the hips- this eases pressure on the legs.