What is an A-Leg-Up?

The A-Leg-Up is a light weight mobile device designed to provide a stable platform that lifts your feet up off the floor. Once positioned upon the base, the A-Leg-Up provides a convenient and comfortable stand to perform a variety of tasks.

Why use an A-Leg-Up?

Anyone wishing to perform every day jobs in a more comfortable position should use an A-Leg-Up. It is our hope that you find the convenience in using this product and wish to share it with your friends and those you care about. A credo of the A-Leg-Up company is: Save your bedding, Save your bed and Save your back!

Who should use an A-Leg-Up?

Everyone wanting to take advantage of the comfort the A-Leg-Up provides. Along with the ease of use and simple design, every household should have an A-Leg-Up.

Will Medicare pay for my A-Leg-Up?

Currently there are no provisions provided by A-Leg-Up LLC for product reimbursement by either Medicare or any other insurance program

What is your return Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with our product, you may return it. Please click here to read our full return policy.

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