Simple everyday jobs like brushing your hair or getting out of bed can be arduous task for people with arthritis. While we’re yet to find a cure for arthritis, here are some gift ideas to make life easier for those dealing with painful joints:

Cleaning Their House:

Arthritis causes stiffness in the joints, making it difficult for people to manage everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, and dusting. You can help by offering a gift coupon from a professional cleaning company, or, offer to do it yourself. Begin by de-cluttering the house, especially in the hallways and doorways, since these are accident prone areas. You can also offer with some light housekeeping, meal planning, and running errands.

Hand and Wrist Braces:

Splints for people with hand and wrist arthritis are a great gift idea. They’re designed to position your wrists and hands properly, thereby minimizing pain and stabilizing the joints. You can either choose braces worn during the night (thereby allowing complete rest), or choose working splints. Choose between materials made from fabric, metal, or materials like thermoplastic. You can buy them off the rack, or order customized braces.

Foot Rest:

Bending, to tie shoe laces or wear shoes is painful if you have arthritis. Gift A-Leg–Up foot rest so that your loved one does not have trouble bending down. They just have to slip the long end of the tool under a sofa or a mattress and place their feet on the flat end to tie their shoe, or paint or clip their toe nail. A-Leg-Up also serves as an excellent long shoe horn. To do so, place the long end of the tool in the kneel area of the shoe and slip your feet in. Remove the shoe horn when the foot is firmly inside the shoe.

Simple Tools that Make Cooking Easy:

You can help your loved one by making cooking easier for them. If the person in question loves to cook food from scratch, consider buying knives that come with pressure absorbing handles, or cutting boards with spikes attached to provide grip while they cut. Electronic jar openers, electric corkscrews, free standing can openers are also the perfect gift.


Rather than wasting hundreds of dollars that decorate mantles, it makes sense to buy practical gifts useful for someone living with arthritis.