Our Story

The Beginning

A Leg Up was founded in 2011. A product invented from necessity, but was soon found to be beneficial for any and every one wanting to perform tasks in a more comfortable position. It was discovered to be especially beneficial to those with hip, knee or back problems. No longer do people have to go to the floor to do these tasks. It also helps prevent cramping from being in awkward positions.

The Mission

It is our hope that you find the convenience in using this product and wish to share it with your friends and those you care about.

The Founders

Robert Blackford, President and Chief Executive Officer. A general contractor by trade an inventor and entrepreneur by passion. Like many of you, he has always been a tinker with things.

Example; the first thing he came up with was a ceramic apple with a slot for a reminder pad for note taking. The pencil sticking in the apple had on the top, a cute little worm, top hat and vest. He just knew every teacher in the world would have to have one. He never did anything with it, but probably just as well, the story of his life could end on so many “things” such as this idea ending this way.

That is until he had back problems, so bad in fact, that he could not bend over far enough to put his socks and shoes on, much less tie the laces. That’s when he thought, “There must be a better way”, so he went to work on a prototype to get his foot off the floor and hold it up to where he could slip his socks and shoes on without the pain. At that point, he realized there are tens of thousands of people out there with backs worse than his, people with hip and or knee replacements and others just wanting to be in a more comfortable position in dealing with their feet. And, as they say, the rest is history.

David Blackford, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer has lived and worked around the world. He has a background in marketing and sales, international relations, and project management involving database design and development. His father, knowing his capabilities, enlisted his help to take care of the technical issues. Together they formed A-Leg-Up LLC.

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