Before I purchased A-Leg-Up I used my bedroom chair and a shoe horn to slip into my shoes each morning before work. I found that by using the Leg-up as a shoe horn, I can simply bend over slightly without being seated and my “shoe horn” allows my foot to ease into the shoe. The hole in one end allows me to keep it on a nail in my closet. Very handy and saves me time when I’m on a schedule.

George Freeman, Portland OR

I like to rest my foot on A-Leg-Up when applying lotion to my feet. It keeps any lotion from getting on my bed.

Wendy Seattle, WA

The device makes it easier for me to put on my socks. Since I have been doing the exercises taught me by my physical therapist, the pain in my hip has been reduced, but not eliminated, The A-Leg-Up device is helpful in putting on my socks since my hip is somewhat stiff even though it was replaced two years ago.

Jim Chambers

I saw A-Leg-Up on Facebook and didn’t give it a second thought until I saw my husband struggling to put his socks on one day. I went to their website and ordered one for him and one for me. We both love this product.

Jean, Sacramento, CA

Painting my toe nails has never been easier! No more sitting on the floor and waiting for my nails to dry before attempting to get up. My friends in college think I’m a genius!

Abbey Westfal

I like many things about A-Leg-Up. The sturdy platform, the simple design, and the easy way it stows under my mattress. Thank you.

Cindy Portland, OR

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